Something not so Philosophical: Taking a Screen Shot and Cropping it

To balance the heavier philosophical slant that my blog posts have taken lately, I thought I would post this one.  Below I give instructions on how to take a screen shot and crop it.  This is an easy way to take an image from the internet and add it as a graphic to a worksheet, power point, blog post…  You can figure out the ethical/copyright stuff yourself.

I also teach this to my students.  On the obvious level, it is a useful tool.  On the maybe not so obvious level, it hopefully makes it clear to the students that nothing on the internet is confidential.  There is no such thing as some sort of lock so images or text cannot be copied.  It is as easy as pressing print screen (PrntScr) and then paste.  There is a risk that in teaching this to teens or preteens a few will go out and see what they can copy.  The reality is that most of them will figure this out eventually themselves whether we show it to them or not and by teaching it to them we get a chance to frame it in a space responsible action and respectful use.

  1.  When you have what you want on the screen, press the PrntScr button.  (You can use Ctrl + to make the image on your screen bigger and Crtl – to make the image smaller.) 
  2. Open the Paint program.  (If it is not in the programme list when you click on the windows icon at the bottom left of your screen, type ‘paint’ into the search bar and it
    will come up.)
  3. Hit Ctrl V to paste and a picture of the screen will come up.  You can use the – & + buttons on the bottom right to fit it to your screen.
  4. Click on the crop option on the upper menu bar.  Sometimes it is already set to crop. Crop the picture as you like.
  5. Press Crtl x to cut. 
  6. Then go to your email, blog, word document… and press Crtl v to paste it there.

 It Looks complicated because there are lots of steps, but is easy when you get used to it.